How to transition from your first job to your real job

This blog is something I have wanted to write about for a while, so I thought I would write about it this week.

My first job was working in Hospitality in a bar, I witnessed many moments with customers sometimes good and sometimes bad. One time I had a gentleman come along and said he wanted a drink. But he didn’t stop and wait behind the bar like so many others did usually. He actually came inside of the bar and rummaged in the fridge looking for a fizzy drink? As I went to place myself between him and the fridge  (my workmates looked on in horror!) he started yelling at me about how I was meant to let him help himself to the fridge!  I was horrified because I was being told off by this guy who wanted to cross the line into my bar! In the end, my manager came out and gave him a right telling off. So the question is ‘What would be the appropriate workplace manner?’

How are we meant to act, dress and communicate in a proper work environment?

We have all had our first jobs of employment, usually, hospitality, retail or cleaning. From my experience, we are not taught to act professionally and deal with customers. And in some ways this is a good thing, our first job is our first step to becoming an adult. But in others, it’s a bad thing. In these situations we learn how to work, we learn how to have a steady 9-5 job,

but these jobs teach us how to dress, act or communicate in proper jobs.

Well, we need to think back to how we thought those people moved and dressed so we can then act the same way.  Apart from the usual smart appearance, we need to think about how they held themselves and how they dressed. They had suits on and pencil skirts. So now we need to mirror that, but the question how do we mirror that and still appear to be ourselves. There are so many high-end retail shops out there that cater to this specific thing. But let’s take a look at the cheaper shop for ordinary people who can afford it.

There are places like Glassons where you can find some cute winter jackets, Dotti where there are some lovely long dresses, Farmers have some really nice stuff, yet they tend to be on the pricier side of things. There’s even Ezibuy, so in this, we have a lot of options in a good price range. We are in an age where there are so many options that look business like but classy.

So now we have figured out how to dress the part, how do we act the part? How do we change how we walk and talk? How appear professional? Here are some pointers;

  • Watch your personality, don’t be over the top.  People don’t like it when your bossy. And on the other end, don’t be like a floppy uninteresting fish. So you need to work out where you stand and work to be in the middle.
  • Don’t boast, don’t be shallow. You don’t want to seem like your selfish and self-centered.
  • Have good communication skills, ask questions when not sure, and listen well. Be an open communicator, read body language. Talk the jargon, this makes you sound professional.
  • Do the work on time, be competent and confident in your work.
  • Be reliable, show up and do the work on time
  • Honesty and integrity are vitally important, and you need to be upfront with your colleagues.

You now look like a professional and act like a professional. Whats next? Getting one of those “Stuffy” jobs!


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