3rd Iteration on Project Ideas

Now we have looked at some of the IOT devices out there, we have currently narrowed it down to the Rasberry Pi Sold in NZ. This item would probably be brought from PBtec, a reputable site. The language has also been narrowed down as well with further consideration made as to what would be easier to learn, this will probably be Javascript.

Now we have thought about these aspects what do I want to make? There are more ideas I have came across now I have had more time to think about it. The ideas are of which that follows;

Remote control IOT’s Car

Image result for iot remote control car     Image result for iot remote toys

This is idea sounds like so much fun, Host controls on a website, hosted on AWS, the car itsef just a simple Car. Maybe make the car from lego, to make the size of the car easily scaleable, and then the Cars remote engine to be modded. This sounds like such a fun project, i cannot take the credit for this idea, as in the link following someone else has already made one.


Smart Teddy

Image result for iot remote toys  Image result for Nursery teddys

What about a smart teddy bear that is connectable from a smartphone? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well my idea is controlling a Nursery Teddy from your phone, this includes it doing the following;

  • Sing lullaby
  • Send live video back to the parent’s smartphone.
  • Video recording.
  • Night light

This all done on a teddy, But how you ask? I will explain. The lullaby is pre-recorded, so there needs to be cloud storage, this can be remotely triggered by the user’s smartphone. Video rerecording,s is done via a small camera that send’s back video feed to the user’s phone. Video recording, this is done when there is substance crib movement. This means you can check out what they are doing in the early hours of the morning. Then the Nightlight, this is semi-motion sensed and aids the video recording. The night light will remain active for half an hour after the last motion is sensed.

Smart Light

Image result for iot remote lights  Image result for iot remote lights

What a cool idea to be able to smartly control a light, this could be done via the users phone. This idea is the apifany of laziness, you can turn on the light in bed, I mean how many times have you thought, ” I don’t want to walk over to turn on the light” and many students don’t have night lights. So this would be perfect for the lazy person/ The light would have the following features;

  • Saturation
  • bulb color
  • Motion sensor

The saturation would be perfect or those of us ( like me ) who dont want an instant bright light turned on, it means we could slowly briten the light while we are getting up in the morning, or much the same as going to bed expect just slowly dimming it. You could even change the color, say red light if you were doing photos, or even purple if you felt like it. It could take you back to being “the cool child who always have the cool party lights. and motion sensor, this is cool. I could just be sitting there and turn on when it senses movement, like when you walk in the door from work. You don’t have to try and find that pesky light switch, it just turns on.

And that is it for ideas at this point.


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