Exciting new find.

Now, this started off as an idea to refine my previous project ideas, but as I was getting my laptop fixed i was told about a really cool new idea. This idea was what I’m going to write my blog about today, the idea was exciting and iteresting because this is happening in our little country and is such a momentum moving forward. I have heard about IOT devices in the supermarket from the amazon, but that’s it, and that was the only IOT supermarket idea so far. The amazon variant of this idea is called Amazon go, With this idea its not like a normal supermarket. I works on the idea, that as you go around you pull the things you want off the shelves and put it in your phyisical basket and it will add it to your online basket. and you will simply be charged as you go out of the store from the card provided in your amazone account.

So this new idea I was told about is the  Shop and go. This is only done in the supermarket “pack and save” and from what i can gather its from food stuffs co.


First off all you have to order an shop and go card, this will be the card you use when you go in the store. This is streamlining the shopping expreince, making it easyer and quicker at the cheakout. Once you get into the store, you swipe your card. After this you get a hand held scanner, you can at this point program your cost limit into it, or you can have it to go wild. Then as you go around the supermarket, you scan the items barcode you want onto the scanner, and it will show you the price aswell as how much you have currently spent. You can take things off the list you just need to unscan these items. Once done, you just need to go up and pay the total and that’s it, there is no need to go up and go through the cheak out, making it simpler and easyer. This is currently working in wellingtion at the moment,  there isisnt much online about this IOT device at the momenmt , half this infomation i have on the item is because i was told about it from the Dell repair man.


Below is the Link I got this information from if it is needed



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