Redefining My ideas.

So what do I want to do? Hmm, that os a hard question, I’m so at the best of times. So this is no different, As stated in a previous Blog I chose the Raspberry Pi. I have currently ordered this and are awaiting this from PB tech, I had ordered an OmegaOion\ Onion as well  ( From Blog; IOT Computers). So now I have Received the Omega 2+ and are awaiting the Raspberry Pi, the later should be turning up in the next couple of days. I had ordered the Raspberry Pi because I was unsure of how long the Omega would take to arrive. But now I have two different IOT devices to play with for Project.


So what am I going to do? So I need to think what I really like the ideas off, so I will reflect on the ideas and refine them down to just a few.

  • Remote Control IOT car
  • Smart Center for video valance
  • Smart Pattern Learning computer

These are the more serious ideas I have been tossing about for a while, Below I will Describe in more detail.

Remote Control IOT car

Growing up I loved the idea of the Remote controlled car, it was so much fun to play with. Hours Almost days lot of those things. And when I lost interest in the electrical items, I would pull them apart over and over and over again working out how they worked. ( yes I was on of those children) . So the Idea of a Remote controlled car excites me more than the other thoughts, in fact, I think I have convinced myself. But the idea of a remote controlled car adapted to be controlled on a website hosted in the cloud might be a little too far fetched. And what kind of hardware would I need? Would I need to solder? Who doi know that could help me there ?. So many questions to answer if this idea is picked I will Have to look into this further. I will ask Mark about it in class.

Smart Sensor for video severance

This was an idea I had when i lived at my pervious place, the kids would come and knock on my door when they were board, and the younger small boy would just go in there. Which I didn’t mind I would chill out with him maybe put the telly on. But my idea was for the camera to be motion censored so it would turn on when someone would come up to my door. And would start recording and storing it, but not only that send a live feed to my phone. But then I thought about this idea of the computer learning each kid/ person and keeping a tally somehow.

Smart Pattern Learning computer.

This works of the last idea, but on words. Like it will learn certain word patterns, like in dyslexic, so it will learn my typical patterns will spelling and will recognize them and will fix them as I go. This program algorithm could be used as a camera feeding words off the paper and then have a version of it fixed. I can see a lot of value in this



2 thoughts on “Redefining My ideas.

  1. The idea of the RC car sounds really cool Amber. I think that would make for an interesting project.
    How do you plan to compensate for latency over WiFi or do you think you’ll use Bluetooth instead?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is an interesting Point, i havnt figured that out yet. But i asume it wouldnt Be to much ? Its deffaintly something i will have to look up over the break


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