Final Idea

So I have sat down and thought about things and worked out from my previous post about Smart RC cars, Smart Sensor and learning patterns computer. These are all interesting ideas, But my favorite one was the RC car. When we do our project, I need to equate to 3 papers and has to be difficult. I biggest thing there would be the remote controlled car, As well as requiring new skill sets I have yet to master. I think this is the hardest project as well. So with much consideration, I have chosen the R/C car.

I have decided the R/C because of the following reasons.

  • It requires a mechanical skill set I have yet to learn, Thus this will be a challenge.
  • It excites me, This out of all three ideas excites me the most. As I’ve previously said in the last blog, I liked pulling things apart as a child to see how they worked.
  • I already have a Raspberry Pi, and an Onion to play around with.
  • I love R/c anything.
  • And last but not least, This sounds like the most fun.

I mean to message Mark about the project and ask him what I would need to turn this into something that will get accepted. I have done a bit of researching into, and I have found some kits that have the wires I need. But I’m thinking of going into JayCar in the next two week to see if they have anyone technically minded that would be able to point me in the right direction.

If the project is a go-ahead, I’m going to try and go into Jacob at Santi and try to be connected in with a mechanics student to get some help. While I’m still trying to chug my way through the deep waters of study ill, just google ideas until I get more time. So here are some links I have looked at for the moment;

So from above, we can see some Websites to go to as well as some Videos to look at. I’m a visual learner, so him going to learn more from the videos than the Blogs, so I’ll find out more from the videos.

I was talking to someone in my net class today, and they suggested getting a Soldering iron for my project, And honestly, i don’t believe I have the skill to solder anything. I have had a little experience in school but not enough to pull off this project. I understand the ill need to solder the wiring up, but I was thinking more along the lines of someone teaching me how to do it then ill do it there in their presence, so I don’t get the chance to screw anything up.

I believe the project will have the following issues;

  • I have little to no mechanical skills so ill have to get help to solder everything up.
  • I will need to learn a coding language.
  • I will need to buy an R/C car
  • I will need to have more time on my hands and could possibly run into issues with working.

I believe the project will have some difficulties but this will be a fun build al together and im really excited to get started.



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