Final Idea

So I have sat down and thought about things and worked out from my previous post about Smart RC cars, Smart Sensor and learning patterns computer. These are all interesting ideas, But my favorite one was the RC car. When we do our project, I need to equate to 3 papers and has to be difficult. I biggest thing there would be the remote controlled car, As well as requiring new skill sets I have yet to master. I think this is the hardest project as well. So with much consideration, I have chosen the R/C car.

I have decided the R/C because of the following reasons.

  • It requires a mechanical skill set I have yet to learn, Thus this will be a challenge.
  • It excites me, This out of all three ideas excites me the most. As I’ve previously said in the last blog, I liked pulling things apart as a child to see how they worked.
  • I already have a Raspberry Pi, and an Onion to play around with.
  • I love R/c anything.
  • And last but not least, This sounds like the most fun.

I mean to message Mark about the project and ask him what I would need to turn this into something that will get accepted. I have done a bit of researching into, and I have found some kits that have the wires I need. But I’m thinking of going into JayCar in the next two week to see if they have anyone technically minded that would be able to point me in the right direction.

If the project is a go-ahead, I’m going to try and go into Jacob at Santi and try to be connected in with a mechanics student to get some help. While I’m still trying to chug my way through the deep waters of study ill, just google ideas until I get more time. So here are some links I have looked at for the moment;

So from above, we can see some Websites to go to as well as some Videos to look at. I’m a visual learner, so him going to learn more from the videos than the Blogs, so I’ll find out more from the videos.

I was talking to someone in my net class today, and they suggested getting a Soldering iron for my project, And honestly, i don’t believe I have the skill to solder anything. I have had a little experience in school but not enough to pull off this project. I understand the ill need to solder the wiring up, but I was thinking more along the lines of someone teaching me how to do it then ill do it there in their presence, so I don’t get the chance to screw anything up.

I believe the project will have the following issues;

  • I have little to no mechanical skills so ill have to get help to solder everything up.
  • I will need to learn a coding language.
  • I will need to buy an R/C car
  • I will need to have more time on my hands and could possibly run into issues with working.

I believe the project will have some difficulties but this will be a fun build al together and im really excited to get started.



Redefining My ideas.

So what do I want to do? Hmm, that os a hard question, I’m so at the best of times. So this is no different, As stated in a previous Blog I chose the Raspberry Pi. I have currently ordered this and are awaiting this from PB tech, I had ordered an OmegaOion\ Onion as well  ( From Blog; IOT Computers). So now I have Received the Omega 2+ and are awaiting the Raspberry Pi, the later should be turning up in the next couple of days. I had ordered the Raspberry Pi because I was unsure of how long the Omega would take to arrive. But now I have two different IOT devices to play with for Project.


So what am I going to do? So I need to think what I really like the ideas off, so I will reflect on the ideas and refine them down to just a few.

  • Remote Control IOT car
  • Smart Center for video valance
  • Smart Pattern Learning computer

These are the more serious ideas I have been tossing about for a while, Below I will Describe in more detail.

Remote Control IOT car

Growing up I loved the idea of the Remote controlled car, it was so much fun to play with. Hours Almost days lot of those things. And when I lost interest in the electrical items, I would pull them apart over and over and over again working out how they worked. ( yes I was on of those children) . So the Idea of a Remote controlled car excites me more than the other thoughts, in fact, I think I have convinced myself. But the idea of a remote controlled car adapted to be controlled on a website hosted in the cloud might be a little too far fetched. And what kind of hardware would I need? Would I need to solder? Who doi know that could help me there ?. So many questions to answer if this idea is picked I will Have to look into this further. I will ask Mark about it in class.

Smart Sensor for video severance

This was an idea I had when i lived at my pervious place, the kids would come and knock on my door when they were board, and the younger small boy would just go in there. Which I didn’t mind I would chill out with him maybe put the telly on. But my idea was for the camera to be motion censored so it would turn on when someone would come up to my door. And would start recording and storing it, but not only that send a live feed to my phone. But then I thought about this idea of the computer learning each kid/ person and keeping a tally somehow.

Smart Pattern Learning computer.

This works of the last idea, but on words. Like it will learn certain word patterns, like in dyslexic, so it will learn my typical patterns will spelling and will recognize them and will fix them as I go. This program algorithm could be used as a camera feeding words off the paper and then have a version of it fixed. I can see a lot of value in this


Exciting new find.

Now, this started off as an idea to refine my previous project ideas, but as I was getting my laptop fixed i was told about a really cool new idea. This idea was what I’m going to write my blog about today, the idea was exciting and iteresting because this is happening in our little country and is such a momentum moving forward. I have heard about IOT devices in the supermarket from the amazon, but that’s it, and that was the only IOT supermarket idea so far. The amazon variant of this idea is called Amazon go, With this idea its not like a normal supermarket. I works on the idea, that as you go around you pull the things you want off the shelves and put it in your phyisical basket and it will add it to your online basket. and you will simply be charged as you go out of the store from the card provided in your amazone account.

So this new idea I was told about is the  Shop and go. This is only done in the supermarket “pack and save” and from what i can gather its from food stuffs co.


First off all you have to order an shop and go card, this will be the card you use when you go in the store. This is streamlining the shopping expreince, making it easyer and quicker at the cheakout. Once you get into the store, you swipe your card. After this you get a hand held scanner, you can at this point program your cost limit into it, or you can have it to go wild. Then as you go around the supermarket, you scan the items barcode you want onto the scanner, and it will show you the price aswell as how much you have currently spent. You can take things off the list you just need to unscan these items. Once done, you just need to go up and pay the total and that’s it, there is no need to go up and go through the cheak out, making it simpler and easyer. This is currently working in wellingtion at the moment,  there isisnt much online about this IOT device at the momenmt , half this infomation i have on the item is because i was told about it from the Dell repair man.


Below is the Link I got this information from if it is needed

Class notes;

The It area or subject I have most enjoyed is.

  • Web and MUV because I got to make things look nice and elegant

The It area or subject I have least enjoyed is.

The It area or subject I was most interested in is .

  • Web development

The one thing I never want to do again is

  • Dat 601 due to a large amount of paperwork needed for it.

I Chose to Study IT because I

  • I have been pulling things apart since a young age

If I couldn’t study IT I would study

  • Probably study engineering at some level

When I was a kid I wanted to be a

  • Chef

One thing I would like to know more about is

  • web development.

Erea we might look at ;




3rd Iteration on Project Ideas

Now we have looked at some of the IOT devices out there, we have currently narrowed it down to the Rasberry Pi Sold in NZ. This item would probably be brought from PBtec, a reputable site. The language has also been narrowed down as well with further consideration made as to what would be easier to learn, this will probably be Javascript.

Now we have thought about these aspects what do I want to make? There are more ideas I have came across now I have had more time to think about it. The ideas are of which that follows;

Remote control IOT’s Car

Image result for iot remote control car     Image result for iot remote toys

This is idea sounds like so much fun, Host controls on a website, hosted on AWS, the car itsef just a simple Car. Maybe make the car from lego, to make the size of the car easily scaleable, and then the Cars remote engine to be modded. This sounds like such a fun project, i cannot take the credit for this idea, as in the link following someone else has already made one.


Smart Teddy

Image result for iot remote toys  Image result for Nursery teddys

What about a smart teddy bear that is connectable from a smartphone? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well my idea is controlling a Nursery Teddy from your phone, this includes it doing the following;

  • Sing lullaby
  • Send live video back to the parent’s smartphone.
  • Video recording.
  • Night light

This all done on a teddy, But how you ask? I will explain. The lullaby is pre-recorded, so there needs to be cloud storage, this can be remotely triggered by the user’s smartphone. Video rerecording,s is done via a small camera that send’s back video feed to the user’s phone. Video recording, this is done when there is substance crib movement. This means you can check out what they are doing in the early hours of the morning. Then the Nightlight, this is semi-motion sensed and aids the video recording. The night light will remain active for half an hour after the last motion is sensed.

Smart Light

Image result for iot remote lights  Image result for iot remote lights

What a cool idea to be able to smartly control a light, this could be done via the users phone. This idea is the apifany of laziness, you can turn on the light in bed, I mean how many times have you thought, ” I don’t want to walk over to turn on the light” and many students don’t have night lights. So this would be perfect for the lazy person/ The light would have the following features;

  • Saturation
  • bulb color
  • Motion sensor

The saturation would be perfect or those of us ( like me ) who dont want an instant bright light turned on, it means we could slowly briten the light while we are getting up in the morning, or much the same as going to bed expect just slowly dimming it. You could even change the color, say red light if you were doing photos, or even purple if you felt like it. It could take you back to being “the cool child who always have the cool party lights. and motion sensor, this is cool. I could just be sitting there and turn on when it senses movement, like when you walk in the door from work. You don’t have to try and find that pesky light switch, it just turns on.

And that is it for ideas at this point.

Blog; Pratise Assignment


  • This article is fascinating, this is 14 years old, and they are so many implications of doing this kind of thing in this age. But back then this is very, very interesting.

Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? If not, what did it tell you? 

  • What is the topic?
    • This is an Evaluation of the user’s experience in two different mobile apps in beta
      • This seems to be an early application that will go on to be on the later cell phones ( i find this very interesting)
  • What is it that the researchers have done in this?
    • They evaluate the user’s experience in the made up test scenarios,
  • what have they figured out from this?
    • They have found out, that this is quite difficult to do due to the different factors of each person. But their overall conclusions was that there are many different ways needed to test user experience.



What seems to be the research question(s) they were trying to answer?

  • This appears to test the user’s experience with different interactive applications, this includes user experience to the point of having a location device to see where this person is and an application that can learn the habits of the users.

What  method(s) did they use to answer the question(s)

  • They set up test in office like environments, used during the work day and used with people interacting with others in the same test.
  • And another one was created in an environment like a home lab consisting kitchen, office, bedroom, etc., etc.

How credible do you think the paper is? (hint: look at who authors are and where and when it is published also compare what they were asking with what they did)

I believe these two authors are credible, they both have linked in, have active Facebook pages and other social media accounts. This was also published on google scholar and what they are doing is what I think is very fascinating.

Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion? Why?

  • I believe what they wrote, as at this stage they are trying to gather information on a learnable application. I think the world isn’t quite ready for this type of thing but damn it’s exciting.

Briefly, describe two things that you learned from the paper.

  • I learned that they were testing applications that were capable of learning 14 years ago.
  • I learnt that they didn’t get to far in this, there was a need for a more in-depth testing.

In no more than 250 of your own words (i.e. a paraphrase), describe what the paper is about

the short version, “something that excites me” but it has to be in more detail than this. So what does it describe?  it starts off to list of the fact that in today’s world that we are used to, as in what we used to from mobile devices 14 years ago.  and then it further states that this is to clarify how user experience and preference of device.

this is done because the world was rapidly developing into the world that will become dependent on mobile devices. And they were unsure of how the world will perceive different applications and different devices.

they go on to describe their tests and what their conclusions are from this.

Then it describes what their work means, what their conclusions are and what further needs to be done with their work.

How to transition from your first job to your real job

This blog is something I have wanted to write about for a while, so I thought I would write about it this week.

My first job was working in Hospitality in a bar, I witnessed many moments with customers sometimes good and sometimes bad. One time I had a gentleman come along and said he wanted a drink. But he didn’t stop and wait behind the bar like so many others did usually. He actually came inside of the bar and rummaged in the fridge looking for a fizzy drink? As I went to place myself between him and the fridge  (my workmates looked on in horror!) he started yelling at me about how I was meant to let him help himself to the fridge!  I was horrified because I was being told off by this guy who wanted to cross the line into my bar! In the end, my manager came out and gave him a right telling off. So the question is ‘What would be the appropriate workplace manner?’

How are we meant to act, dress and communicate in a proper work environment?

We have all had our first jobs of employment, usually, hospitality, retail or cleaning. From my experience, we are not taught to act professionally and deal with customers. And in some ways this is a good thing, our first job is our first step to becoming an adult. But in others, it’s a bad thing. In these situations we learn how to work, we learn how to have a steady 9-5 job,

but these jobs teach us how to dress, act or communicate in proper jobs.

Well, we need to think back to how we thought those people moved and dressed so we can then act the same way.  Apart from the usual smart appearance, we need to think about how they held themselves and how they dressed. They had suits on and pencil skirts. So now we need to mirror that, but the question how do we mirror that and still appear to be ourselves. There are so many high-end retail shops out there that cater to this specific thing. But let’s take a look at the cheaper shop for ordinary people who can afford it.

There are places like Glassons where you can find some cute winter jackets, Dotti where there are some lovely long dresses, Farmers have some really nice stuff, yet they tend to be on the pricier side of things. There’s even Ezibuy, so in this, we have a lot of options in a good price range. We are in an age where there are so many options that look business like but classy.

So now we have figured out how to dress the part, how do we act the part? How do we change how we walk and talk? How appear professional? Here are some pointers;

  • Watch your personality, don’t be over the top.  People don’t like it when your bossy. And on the other end, don’t be like a floppy uninteresting fish. So you need to work out where you stand and work to be in the middle.
  • Don’t boast, don’t be shallow. You don’t want to seem like your selfish and self-centered.
  • Have good communication skills, ask questions when not sure, and listen well. Be an open communicator, read body language. Talk the jargon, this makes you sound professional.
  • Do the work on time, be competent and confident in your work.
  • Be reliable, show up and do the work on time
  • Honesty and integrity are vitally important, and you need to be upfront with your colleagues.

You now look like a professional and act like a professional. Whats next? Getting one of those “Stuffy” jobs!