Class notes;

The It area or subject I have most enjoyed is.

  • Web and MUV because I got to make things look nice and elegant

The It area or subject I have least enjoyed is.

The It area or subject I was most interested in is .

  • Web development

The one thing I never want to do again is

  • Dat 601 due to a large amount of paperwork needed for it.

I Chose to Study IT because I

  • I have been pulling things apart since a young age

If I couldn’t study IT I would study

  • Probably study engineering at some level

When I was a kid I wanted to be a

  • Chef

One thing I would like to know more about is

  • web development.

Erea we might look at ;





Blog; Class notes; 4

Credibility and Validity

Does the epistemology correlate with credible

What is the impact of ‘fun’ on work?


Dose the epistemology match the ontology?

Was the method followed suffaintenlly rigorous?

Who did the work/research do you see them credible?

Where and when was the work made public?


  1. So for each question below you need to decide
    1. Is this a good question? (problems might be e.g.  assumptions, ambiguity, too broad)
    1. What kind of knowledge/evidence would be needed to answer it? (e.g. numbers, words, both, other…?)
    1. How would I gain/gather that knowledge/evidence? (e.g. interviews, survey, experiments)
    1. Which of these two laptops gives the best performance?

      • This qestion relys on the answers baisniss of the laptops them selfs, this qestion is also far to braod is what retrospect are they asking, they need to ad more of a definition when they ask what kind of performance.
      • This requires the aswerer to have quite an extensive knowlage of the products, in which case they would not.
      • Reviews both online and vai friends
    2. Are virtual worlds like Second Life or Minecraft useful for teaching?

      • Asumptions and baisness would get in the way for this question,
      • the asnwer would need to have previous knowlage of the Vurital world to get an acurate answer and would further more need to have expreienced in the topic
      • I would gain knowlage from experimenting myself but not only this i would gain knowlage of this from someone that teaches in the vitueral world.
    3. Why don’t many school students (16-18yrs old) choose to study IT at Polytechnic or University?

      • No this is a bad qestion it is too broad, and would gather to much infomation. it needs to be defined.
      • There needs to be consenus infomation about what school age leavers do after school
      • I would proposistion the people that would gather the infomation ( though this could be a lagal thing.
    4. Which ISP in NZ gives the best value for money?

      • This is a bad question, it is again to broad. and needs to be dinfined. 
      • They would need to have previous knowlage of all the different aspects of the ISP them selfs, plans, internet speed ect.
      • Servaying the different companys, asking about speed, price and conectivy and downtimes.
    5. How do I feel about trying to work with slow internet speeds?

      • This is extreamly bais, and does not elborate to far. But is that needed ?
      1. This Requires the user to know how they feel about the system
      1. ask my self 
    6. What are the main security issues associated with ‘cloud computing’

      • The answer could be vastly different depending on different baisness’s
      • Vast aray of knowledge on all cloud systems 
      • This would require decandes of research

    Five things, i cant see the board becca is blocking it.

  2. What kid of
  3. Exsample of how its used in it
  4. what is the structer

I can’t keep up and becca is purposely blocking the bord so i must look later

Blog; Class Notes; 2

Ontology –

What Exists


Realism                                                Constructionist                                                  Nominalism


Objective                                           Socially Constructed                                                Subjective






How do we know


Positivism                                                   Interpeticisim                                             Anti Positivism




Is it ;

  • True
  • Possibly true
  • Not true
  • Stupid

And why ?





First blog; Ideas

Blog posts must be at least 12

There must be Insights/Thoughts and or perosnal opion

There must be a varitey of topics and soruces . But there could also be a contiunity of topic

Vilidy of sources

Evidance of deep though




  1. Where to go,
  2. Google
  3. Filter it
  4. Analyse
  5. Summerise it
  6. ake a decisiomAct on it
  7. Justify it
  8. Tell people


  1. Identiy research focus
  2. Identify type of reasearch
  3. Discover what is already knowen
  4. Identify type or research design


  1. Do what you have planned/Collected results
  2. Colate, analsyse, intergrate results
  3. Draw conclusions and summerise
  4. Like your findings
  5. Add more to this


Present it

Publish it